Life has disappeared and I need your help now.
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Help raise awareness for our vanishing water resources by supporting our two fund-raising events: The 16th Annual GCC Polo Cup and the BMG Foundation Favourite Classics Concert.

Give back toa thirsty world!

'Our Water, Our Life' Benefit Events

Join the crowd of international business icons, celebrities and royalty at The 16th Annual GCC Polo Cup in the UK historically attended by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, followed by the BMG Foundation Favourite Classics Concert.


The Guards Polo Club, Windsor, UK

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Central Hall Westminster, London, UK

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As part of BMG Foundation’s 15th anniversary celebrations, we will be staging a classical concert at the Central Hall Westminster in London, on June 19th, performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra entitled Favourite Classics, which will include Beethoven’s 6th Symphony, Mozart’s 40th Symphony, Elgar’s Chanson De Matin and excerpts from the Eastern Collection. The highlight of the evening will be the first public performance of specially commissioned work: “Amwaj – Water Symphony”, composed by the Conductor Vartan Melkonian, in honour of the 'Our Water, Our Life’ initiative; this is will be the first time a serious classical work is performed since Handel’s famous “Water Music” in 1717.

Location: Central Hall Westminster, UK
Date: June 19, 2012

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Ticket proceeds from the two events will fund a 6-month water awareness campaign featuring the winning plan from our GCC-wide university student competition. The student competition aims to find the most innovative idea to promote water conservation in the GCC by engaging the vibrant minds of the Arab youth in the region. The top three initiatives will be announced at The 16th Annual GCC Polo Cup on the 20th June, 2012. Finally, the first place winning idea will be implemented for 6 months across the GCC from July to December 2012—with credits to the winning student and his or her university.
At BMG Foundation, we are dedicated to fostering social, humanitarian and environmental programs by organizing nationalistic and high profile events. A decade ago, we started bringing together high-profile business and social leaders from the East and West with a shared noble intent. Over the last decade and through various charitable events—from the annual GCC Polo Cup to our Art Alive initiative, and from the BMG Foundation Favourite Classics concert series to the “Our Water, Our Life” initiative—we have raised funds not only to benefit various causes but also to raise cultural appreciation in the region. Learn more about us by visiting www.bmgfoundation.com
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Are you aware of the water crisis in the region?

Do you make any conscious effort to conserve water?

Water is not disappearing. Our drinking water is.
The amount of water on earth today is the same as it ever was, but 97% is undrinkable salty water. Only 0.007% of the remaining fresh-water is readily accessible for human use, the equivalent of one tablespoon in a gallon bucket of water.
The Arab world population will double in 2030. Water supply will not.
In 2030, less than twenty years from now, the average annual availability in Arab countries will drop from 1,200 cubic meters per person per year to only 500 cubic meters. The current global average is 7000 cubic meters.
One-third of Egyptian women walk more than an hour every day for water. In other parts of Africa, this can be as much as eight hours.
Women and girls in Sub-Saharan Africa alone walk 40 billion hours every year to collect water to survive. That’s even more than a year’s work for the whole labor force in all Arab states of the Gulf – estimated at 17 million people working 45 hours a week for an entire year.
It takes 35 liters of water to make one cup of tea.
The water footprint of one cup of tea is the amount of water needed in the entire process of growing and producing 3.5 grams of tea enough for one cup. More shockingly, the average water footprint of one hamburger with 150 grams of beef is a whopping 2400 liters of water!
Saudis are the 3rd biggest consumers of water on the planet.
Even though a person only requires 48 liters of water on a daily basis, individuals in the United States use an average of 500 liters, in Canada an average of 300 liters and in Saudi an average of 250 liters.
The poor pay more and get less water.
The poor often live in unregulated housing that is not serviced by a water utility. They have to buy water delivered through sellers and water trucks that usually costs 10–20 times more than utility water.
37.7 million Arabs are deprived from clean water.
Yes, we are severely affected by the water crisis. More than one in every ten people in Arab countries are at least 1km far from the nearest safe water source.
More people in the world have mobile phones than access to a toilet.
A staggering 40% of the world population have no access to adequate water sanitation and have to defecate in ditches, plastic bags or road sides. Yet, 72.6% of people in the world own a mobile phone.
One million liters of water is used every day to maintain the lush appearance of the Tiger Woods Golf Course in the desert of Dubai.
4,900 children die every day from diarrhea.
These deaths are caused by this preventable water-related disease caused by unclean water and poor sanitation. Diarrhea kills more children under 5 than the equivalent child population of New York and London combined.

10 facts

about water consumption

Save 3 liters with every toilet flush by placing a displacement bag in the toilet cistern. (Get it for free from your local water authority in the KSA)
Average: 10 flushes a day Water saved: 30 liters
Save 6 liters every minute when you turn off the tap while washing the dishes.
Average: 30 minutes of dishwashing a day Water saved: 120 liters
Save 10 liters when you just wet your toothbrush and fill a glass of water for rinsing instead of leaving the water running while brushing your teeth.
Average: 2.5 minutes a day Water saved: 25 liters or 50 liters if you brush your teeth twice
Save 20 liters of water for every minute you take out of your shower.
Average: 10 minutes a day Water saved: 100 liters if you limit your shower to 5 minutes
Save 25 liters of water for every minute you use the broom instead of a water hose for cleaning the driveway or sidewalk.
Average: 10 minutes Water saved: 250 liters if you use the broom
Save 50 liters when you use the washing machine to wash a full-load of laundry instead of two half loads.
Average: 3 full loads a week instead of 6 half loads Water saved: 150 liters
Save up to 300 liters a day when you fix a leaking toilet.
Average: Can go unnoticed for a week Water saved: 2100 liters of water if leakage was left unfixed for a week
Save 70 liters a day when you fix a dripping tap. Bigger leaks can waste much more.
Average: Can go unnoticed for a month Water saved: 2100 liters if fixed immediately

8 hints

on how to save water

How many minutes on average do you spend in the shower?

Answer:minutes. ( Between 1 and 60 minutes )

How many hours on average do you spend on Facebook every day?

Answer:hours. ( Between 1 and 24 hours )


I am a bottle of water from 2050.

I am pretty empty as you can see and things have not been good for your children.

There’s not much water left on earth. Each one is allowed only one cup of water a day.

No one goes out in the sun in order not to perspire much. Instead of bathing, people use dry minerals. With no water to wash their hair, they cut it all. They wear synthetic clothes and eat synthetic food. They look dry and old. They hear about your ways with water and wish you cared.

If you are reading this, then you can still change the future.

Keep going up until you reach the top, you will be filling me up on water as you go through the journey.


Bottle of Water from 2050

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